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Customer Feedback


Andrew & Karen Bell

This is the only kennels I have known Max to enjoy going to. Max is a large 8 yr old German Shepard, who shall we say has issues! He is an RSPCA rescue dog & would have been put to sleep if we hadn't taken him as he'd been in foster care & in kennels for over 6 months, hence why he's not too keen on kennels. He is nervous of strangers as he was beaten & starved, but loves everyone at Two Acre...even when he gets his bath! We cannot sing their praises enough & would highly recommend! A big thank you to you all for looking after my Big Fluffy Pup so well!! X


Bron Sullivan

If I couldn't get my dogs in here I wouldn't go on holiday, they both adore Uncle Bob and they are so well looked after we can totally relax and enjoy our holidays


Edwina Johnson-Leake

We found the staff and environment at Two Acre Kennels to be very professional yet down to earth and friendly. They even organised for our dog Lola to get vaccinated at their own Vets when we realised she had expired. Great service and highly recommended.


Mr & Mrs Riseborough

Hamish has been going to 2Acre's since he was a wee westie. Now in his 11th year he still loves his stays and we are always VERY happy with every aspect of his care whilst staying with bob and his staff. We Could not recommend them enough! A5*


Mrs C Melton

When I first brought a puppy I thought I'd never be able to leave him in kennels but the desire for a holiday abroad became too strong! Max has been staying regularly at 2 Acres now for 6 years and I would never ever leave him anywhere else. If they cant fit him in then we dont go away. He loves it there he runs in full of excitement (probably because he's a labrador and smells the treats in reception!) The staff all seem genuienly happy to see him and sad to see him go . He has always come back happy and healthy, what more could i ask. Bob is an absolute godsend and really make us feels at ease about leaving our precious boy! I know he is loved and cared for well while I am away and I never worry about him.



Mr  David Johnson

" If 2 Acres can`t take Max, we don`t go away!! I would recommend them to anyone. Max loves his stays here"


Mr O'Brien

"As always we picked up a very happy and well cared for dog. I wouldn't think of leaving him anywhere else/ after 9 years. Thanls to all the staff"


Ms Tomlin

"This must be the best boarding kennels in the UK and one of its best kept secrets. Best wishes to Bob and all at Two Acre"


Mr and Mrs Medler

"Thankyou so much for once again providing first class care to tye.All of the staff are wonderful caring friendly people working hard to make this the best kennels around"


Mrs Rivett

"Twinkle loves her holidays at Two Acre! She had never been in a cattery before and we were a little nervous entrusting our kitty to strangers but we were thrilled at the standard of service and the friendly, helpful staff. Twinkle has a soft spot for uncle Bob! We can go away with peace of mind knowing she will be happy and healthy on our return. Thanks!"


Mrs Mills

"Since discovering Two Acres Freddie has stayed regularly and it is the first time that I have felt able to leave him without worrying. He loves being there; disappears off without a backward glance and, sadly, seems reluctant to leave when I collect him. It is truly an excellent kennels and the love and care of all the staff to him is second to none. Thank you"


Mr Bloom

"Fantastic service! Polite, friendly & affordable too ;o)"


Mrs Morgan

"mitsy has stayed several times with much delight this year we also have our cat staying.A very pleasant place for your pets to stay"





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