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Meet the Staff

Bob                    (click photo)

Following some years looking after the kennels, Bob has now relinquished his kennel presence, and is now handling office duties. His avatar is also practising to be an interactive answering machine when needed.

“Although I built a lot of the kennels, I am now relegated to the office where I can do less harm! Of course, I also enjoy chatting to you when you call”



Aaron is our kennels Manager and makes sure all the jobs are done and everyone is happy. He has had many years experience working in rescue centres, and brings a welcome boost to our team.

“I've spent all of my working life with animals. Ever since I was a child, I have had a passion for all creatures, and I cannot imagine doing anything else."


Having started with us as a work experience student, we are very happy that Jade has joined us, and is now a valued member of our weekend team, where her gentle nature merges well with the care of all our guests. She is also our resident reptile expert, should you have need for yours to stay with us.

"Meeting new arrivals is always a pleasure, and especially playing with them, since it gives me an opportunity to get to know them and to make them settled and happy."




Originally with us for work experience from school, Jess completed a course in Animal Management at Easton College, during which time we were also glad to see her for the same reason. She is now an essential and valued full-time member of the team

"To work with animals has always been my dream, and I really enjoy looking after all your wonderful pets, and making sure that they also have a happy 'holiday' of their own!"


Kerry          (click photo)

 Kerry is our in house veterinary nurse.

She not only helps look after all the guests, but is also on hand should anyone feel under the weather.      Her Qualifications include:

B Tec first animal care
National animal care
HND Animal science
6 years experience, working for our local vets

“We will happily continue to administer any medication needed during their stay although I don’t need that as an excuse to spoil and pamper the guests”


Having successfully completed his apprenticeship with us, Alex is now on board as a valued  team member.

"I am so happy to be given this opportunity to work with animals. I get so much joy from them, and also from being accepted here. I am learning all the time, and will make sure that all our guests have the special care they deserve!"


What can we say about Steve? From using heavy machinery to managing the smallest plumbing job, Steve is our maintenance 'King', and we would be in a sad way without him. His incredible range of skills make us very lucky to have him as a 'lynch-pin' of the enterprise.

"Beautiful! My favourite expression!

I very much enjoy the variety of work which comes my way on a daily basis. Life is full of new challenges, and never boring!"




Although Paige has been a valued volunteer with us for many years, she is now joining us full-time, and will soon be starting her own apprenticeship course.

Her love for our guests has always been very obvious, and we all wish her a warm welcome.

Beverley  (Bev)   (click photo)

Beverley originally came to us as a work experience student, but we wouldn’t let her leave.

She is a total natural, she is fun loving and all the guests love her. She gets involved with all aspects of the job, but can normally be found playing with the guests outside. (Whatever the weather)

"Working with the dogs, and all our other guests, is the highlight of my week, and I will always make sure that your pet is loved and cared for so that they enjoy their stay."





Nailah is our resident 'snow-bear'. Her duties include ensuring that everyone is at their post, and working hard.

However, she can more usually be found under the boss's desk, keeping an eye on him!



Bonjunk        (click photo)

Bonjunk is supposed to be in charge of the laundry. In reality he spends most of his time napping, when he isn't inspecting the food to make sure that it is fit for our guests' use! He also loves to meet and greet everyone, so be aware - you won't get away without a cuddle!!!!

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